Dump Your Diet! Lose fat mass and boost your metabolism!

Are you fed up with jumping from one diet to the next, just to be stuck in the same cycle of restriction, binge, feel guilty, repeat?!

Are you tired of hiding behind leggings and tunics? Tired of cutting calories and fighting hunger all day with no success to show for it? Cutting calories alone won't work for very long. The 4 pillars of my fueling formula system will help you ditch body shame, fuel your metabolism with the right foods for your changing hormones, change unhealthy habits for good, and lose weight. I’m a Registered Dietitian with over 17 years of practice with 13 years in private practice helping people make long-term changes in their habits, fuel their bodies with real food, and learn how to exercise appropriately for their body.

Have you ever felt...

  • Frustrated that your body doesn't respond they way it used to ("When I was in my 20's, I'd eat 1000 calories a day and lose 10 pounds in a week!)

  • Guilt after eating a "forbidden" food

  • Unsure how to stop using food when your stressed

  • Unsure if you're even eating the right foods for your body

  • Overwhelmed with your busy schedule and unsure how to make a plan to actually eat healthy and exercise??

Now, imagine feeling:

  • More energy, mental clarity, and no more mid-day sugar cravings!

  • Confident in your clothes (like, wearing all the good stuff that you've been saving in your closet)

  • Confident in your decisions to pick out food for yourself and your family

  • Content in your food choices; no more guilt

  • Supported by a group of women that understand your struggle

  • Proud that you stuck to the promise you made to yourself

  • Satisfied in making time for yourself without apologizing for it

  • Strong enough that your kids won't outrun you at the park

  • Brave enough that you can go out to eat anywhere with anyone and know you have food freedom

You must E.A.T. to lose weight

To tackle true fat loss, you need to change your Eating, your Actions (& behaviors), and your Thinking (& mindset).

You can do it!

Here's how my proven E.A.T. formula works.

  • The Crux of Female Fat Loss; Why Losing Weight at 40 Looks Different than at 23

    The Eating portion: Identify the predominant hormones at work in your body; learn how to leverage your food intake and exercise for fat loss in line with your hormones.

  • Fuel Yourself with Healthy Foods

    Your body needs more than 1100 calories a day!! Learn how to meal plan simply using my #fuelingformula. Design easy weekly meals for you & your family. Use all the simple healthy carb, protein, and fat swaps to keep you feeling satisfied!

  • Transforming Yourself Into 'That Woman Who Can Ignore the Chips in the On the Table'

    The Action/Behavior Portion: Learn how to identify triggers that lead to poor food choices and learn how to change environmental cues to make long lasting changes to your habits.

  • Ditch Guilt and Shame Around Food

    The Thinking/Mindset portion: Practice mindful and intuitive eating techniques to hone in on your hunger and satiety signals, accept and love your body, and relieve yourself of the guilt you feel about food. Re-wire your mental thinking around eating for stress, boredom, and your emotions.


  • Jackie D.

    The Ditch the Diet 9 week course was a great way for me to reset some pretty unhealthy ways of thinking, especially when starting a new year. My New Year's Resolutions are almost always weight-loss inspired, which lead to restrictive dieting that does not ever yield to long term success. Theresa's program has encouraged mindful healthy eating habits. The course was broken down into small topics that gave me time to read and understand how being health successful is more than just about what I eat. The small group settings allowed for an easy way to communicate our successes and missteps from the week informally. The small group setting and Theresa's support made staying accountable easy. I have seen not only results in the way my clothes fit but also in my relationships with food. I can't wait to continue my journey with Theresa.

  • Maria A.

    Theresa shares her knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. She is easy to talk to and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

  • Jan. 2021 participant

    Theresa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise into the discussion of nutrition. She is supportive and non-judgmental and meets you where you are in your nutrition journey. She finds helpful and impactful tips and strategies for you so you can feel good and treat your body well. Theresa is a fabulous nutritionist and makes the goal-setting fun!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Workshop Schedule

    • Support

    • Agreement and Terms of Service

    • Complete this form so I can get to know you better

    • Join the Facebook Group

  • 2

    Prep Work

    • Before we begin...

    • How has dieting affected your life? Review this form to gain a better understanding how your dieting history has affected your choices now?

  • 3

    Kickoff Call: Wednesday February 8, 2022, 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

    • Get started with these 3 steps

    • How has dieting affected your life / Assessment of Positive Body Image

    • Get started tracking your weight and measurements

    • Replay

    • Download all handouts from kickoff call here

    • My Fitness Pal Info

  • 4

    Workshop 1: [Mindset and goal setting] February 15

    • Worksheet Assignment

    • Setting Realistic Goals

    • Replay

    • Before you go...

    • Journal Prompts

    • Meal Plan easy meals

    • All Downloads in PDF form from workshop 1

  • 5

    Workshop 2: [Metabolism and hormones] February 22

    • Hormone & Metabolism Video and Counting Macros

    • Menopause and Weight Management Video and Slides

    • Vitamin supplementation

    • Journal Prompts

    • Cortisol Quiz

    • Replay

    • Meal plan

    • All Downloads for Metabolism and Hormones

    • Before you go...

  • 6

    Workshop 3: [Meal Planning] March 2nd (Thursday)

    • Meal Prepping

    • Meal Plan - average 1500 cal/d

    • Replay

  • 7

    Workshop 4: [Exercise] March 8

    • How to Exercise for our changing hormones: replay, slides, & Exercise Tracker

    • Meal plan

  • 8

    Workshop 5: [Intuitive Eating; Mindful Eating] March 15

    • Honing in on Your Hunger

    • Distractions Interfering with Hearing the Needs of your Body

    • Finding Fun and Handling Stress Activity

    • Meal plan

    • Journal Prompt for Overeating and Emotional Eating

    • Download all handouts here including presentation

    • Replay

  • 9

    Workshop 7: [Behavior change] March 22

    • Changing Habits; Replay & handouts

    • Meal plan

  • 10

    Workshop 6: [Self Love and Self Care] March 29

    • Positive Self care = Body respect

    • PowerPoint and replay

    • Journal Prompts

    • Meal Plan

  • 11

    Workshop 8: [Long term success] April 5

    • Replay

    • Long Term Success

    • Meal Plan

    • Feedback Form

  • 12

    Bonus video - Stress and Weight; Sleep and Weight

    • Stress and Weight Gain Video

    • Stress and Weight Gain Presentation

    • Sleep and Weight Gain

Theresa Gentile, MS, RDN

Theresa is a New York City based (born and raised in Brooklyn) Registered Dietitian for over 15 years. With ten years in private practice, she has helped hundreds of people lose weight, increase muscle, and improve their health. Her focus is on helping busy women prioritize themselves and improve their health by ditching body shame. She is a mother to two girls, for whom she's creating an environment of competent eating, healthful choices and body love.
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